Biopsy with Ultrasound Guidance

This procedure is performed when there is either an ultrasound abnormality or a palpable mass in the breast. You are placed lying down with your arm over your head.

Once the breast is scanned with the ultrasound machine, the area for biopsy is marked with a surgical marker. The breast is then cleansed with betadine and anesthetized with Lidocaine. The incision is made as a tiny nick in the skin. A larger needle is then used to assure the area is completely numb. Once the Lidocaine is allowed to work, the mammotome is inserted under ultrasound guidance.

Once position is checked, the area is sampled. If all image evidence of the lesion is to be removed, the procedure is continued until the ultrasound image of the density confirms the removal. A tiny marker is then placed for future reference. Pressure is held over the biopsy cavity and then steri-strips and sterile dressings are placed. A mammogram may be performed if confirmation of a mammographic lesion is necessary.

• Bleeding
• Infection
• Skin dimpling
• Sampling errorBenefits:
• Can be performed in the doctors office
• Out patient
• Local Anesthesia
• Minimal disruption to normal tissue
• More rapid pathology reporting