Open Biopsy (Surgical & Needle)

Open Surgical Biopsy

This procedure is performed in the operating room to remove a palpable mass. It is always an option when you can feel the lesion. It is at times the recommended procedure if the mass is near the nipple or very close to the surface of the skin. 

• Bleeding
• Infection
• Anesthesia
• Defect in the breast
• Scar formation

Needle Localization Biopsy

This is an open biopsy that uses the placement of a needle to guide the surgeon to the area of interest. It is placed under mammographic guidance or ultrasound guidance. It may be used as a primary procedure or as a follow up to a stereotactic or mammotome biopsy.Risks:
• Same as open biopsy
• Inability to remove the lesion, clip or calcifications